What is the Process?

For general life coaching, Coach Ryan uses an "Ask-Answer-Discuss" process that puts the client in the "driver's seat" as they discover and celebrate their identity, values, uniqueness, vision, and more!

Coach Ryan introduces powerful questions that create "Aha!" moments and helps clients to see things differently. This question/answer/"Aha" moment process expands the ability to get unstuck, get out of ruts, and finally get moving forward toward lost dreams,  covered up vision, and previously undiscovered purpose.

Coach Ryan partners with clients with the tools, support and encouragement to accomplish more--and to accelerate personal and spiritual growth.

In short, Coach Ryan will be championing, affirming and stretching the client as they set the agenda, goals and pace.

Life coaching can be sessions conducted in person, over the telephone, via Skype, or using email. Group coaching sessions can also be conducted in person or over the telephone (teleclass).

During each coaching session the coach and the client will discuss and explore the client’s journey including their goals, wins, challenges, and opportunities, as well as possibly developing fieldwork for the next coaching session.

Fieldwork isn’t like the homework you were assigned in school. Instead, it consists of action steps to move you closer toward your goals and dreams.

The client brings the agenda and the coach brings the coaching skills to create a partnership that propels the client forward quicker than they may without a coach partnering with them. The client and the life coach schedule coaching sessions (usually weekly) lasting from a half-hour to an hour.

ANOTHER OPTION: Identity & Destiny Coaching

As a licensed facilitator, Coach Ryan can coach clients through a more structured coaching experience of discovering life purpose & learning to connect with God and discover His plan for you to step into. Please see our I&D page for more information.

If you are interested in a FREE CONSULTATION, or need more information, please use our CONNECT Page to reach Life Breakthrough Coach Ryan Miller.