About Certified Master Life Coach Ryan M. Miller

Some of Coach Ryan's preparation to bring you a premier coaching experience:

Bachelor of Science, Pastoral Ministry, University of Valley ForgE.

Certified Biblical Life Coach, Life Breakthrough Christian Coach Training Academy.

Master Life Coach Certification, Transformation Services, Inc.

John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.

Identity and Destiny Licensed Facilitator.

Coach Ryan is a member of:

the Biblical Coaching Alliance

the American Association of Christian Counselors

the International Christian Coaching Association

the Christian Coaches Network International.

a proud member of the Garrett County, MD Chamber of Commerce.

Practical life experience, two decades of pastoral and chaplain experience, and nearly twenty years of human services experience, has allowed him to learn a lot about life, people, and overcoming to press into vision and destiny.

He is happily married to his life and ministry partner, Rev. Christy (Decker) Miller, who also has an "overcomer" testimony. Together, they form a "blended" family rounded out by two sons, Ryan and Jared. Together, Coach Ryan and Christy co-pastor a local faith community.

Coach Ryan enjoys reading, travel, and being near the water outdoors. His first book, Stepping Stones: A Pathway Into His Presence, was released fall 2016. He is in the process of writing and developing material that will be available in audio and written formats to help others grow personally and spiritually.

Coach Ryan, for the past several years, has also been partnering with a non-profit participating in a White House Rural Initiative in pioneering 2G strategies to break intergenerational poverty in the United States through family-centered coaching practices. Locally, part of his role is training frontline staff in coaching practices to empower families forward toward their goals. On a national scale, his role has had him in our nation's capital twice in 2016 to present at events attended by the Secretary of Agricultural and participating as a collaborator in the first "open source" family coaching curriculum and tool kit being created by the Kellogg Foundation.

Coach Ryan is available to speak in churches, conferences and seminars. His travels have taken him to MI, TX, VA, WV, PA, and MD. He completed his first international travel with a missions trip to Guatemala City, Guatemala in early 2017.

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As a Christian Life Coach…..

1. I hold myself accountable to the highest level of integrity, honoring Jesus Christ individually and corporately, in all my associations with clients and colleagues.

2. I will maintain complete confidentiality with my clients, within the confines of the law.

3. I will be clear with my clients about the nature of the coaching relationship, including structure, fees, refunds, expectations and guarantees.

4. I will never give a client’s name to anyone, for any purpose, without express permission.

5. I will give credit where credit is due for materials supplied by other sources, respecting copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property.

6. I will judiciously avoid conflicts of interest. If any should arise, I shall, without delay, inform concerned parties of my position.

7. I will represent myself honestly and clearly to my clients, and coach only within my areas of expertise.

8. I will actively pursue well being, wholeness, and continual learning in my own life.

9. I will refer a client to another coach if I am not within my area of expertise or comfort, so the client gets the best possible coaching.

10. I will honor my Christian values in my professional conduct, placing neither blame nor blemish on the name of Christ or the coaching profession.

As established by the Life Breakthrough Christian Coach Training Academy.