As a licensed Identity & Destiny facilitator Coach Ryan Miller is now able to offer a more structured coaching experience that is preferable to some.

Connecting You With God--and Your Purpose!

Coach Ryan said, "Prior to my discovery of Identity & Destiny, I knew from working in “people” fields for twenty years that a LOT of people were dealing with fear of what lies ahead, monotony (and even hopelessness!), endless fatigue, unhappiness, and a general lack of direction and purpose.

Sadly, I had experienced most of these myself! It’s hard to believe, but I learned-through Identity & Destiny-that statistics tell us that an unbelievable 97% of people say “they have no idea” when asked about their true purpose in life.

Through the Identity & Destiny Coaching process, which I have been coached through, and been coached on how to coach others through, you can move toward purpose—your God-given “sweet spot."

That means you will leave fear, frustration, monotony far behind as you experience new energy, happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, and, again, purpose."

"I didn’t really know what to expect, but now I can tell you this book is truly life-altering." Buddy Johnson, former FL State Representative
"Not for the faint-of-heart...a powerful and eye-opening experience." Ellie Almand, Prayer Partner and Working Mom
"You are going to want to devour this book – not simply read it." Jule Colvin, Entrepreneur and John Maxwell Leadership Coach
"A MUST for EVERY believer who wants to go deep and make a difference for the Kingdom." Jim Brangenberg, Radio Host and Marketplace Ministry advocate
"A POWERFUL tool of self discovery for my staff and volunteers – AND – it allows me to lead them in full-alignment with what God has created them to do!" Todd Leet, Pastor of Leadership Development at Van Dyke Church
"This is NOT “destiny-lite” –-it’s for those ready to be released into EVERYTHING God has for them!" Diana Furr, Christian Coach and I & D Licensed Facilitator