"More than Life Coaching...Spirit-filled Ministry!"

How can you benefit from Life Coaching with a Certified Master Life Coach?

-"Find" Lost Dreams

-Improve Relationships

-Stimulate Vision

-Discover Destiny

-Accomplish Life Goals

-Manage Life Change

-Accept Life Assignment

-Find Life Balance

And much, much more!!

(All from a Biblical, Christian perspective!)

Life Coaching Is About Discovering & Turning God-Given Potential Into Reality.

Moving forward!

It is forward-focused.

Life Coaching is not counseling.

Rather than digging in the past, like an archaeologist, the coaching process is about building toward a future, like an architect.


Life Coaching is about helping clients move from where they are to where the want to be.

A Life Coach partners with you to facilitate change and accomplishment.

Your Life Coach is a catalyst for positive change.

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Recommendation from Joan Hunter

Life Coach Ryan Miller is committed to seeing breakthrough in the lives of clients seeking to move from one level to the next. He is committed to partnering with them for a purpose...the purpose of seeing them discover their giftings, find out what they are passionate about in life, helping them formulate goals, and, crafting strategies to reach those goals.

Coach Ryan has been able to overcome sometimes heart-breaking and discouraging challenges in life, glean from years of both pastoral and marketplace ministry, and is always seeking to learn new lessons and strategies to see his clients excel in life.

I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to experience a season of life coaching with Coach Ryan Miller. 

Joan Hunter, International Evangelist, Author of Healing the Whole Man and Heal the Heart

Recommendation from Dr. Larry Huggins

Everyone who wants to excel in life needs a coach.

Ryan Miller is a man whose passion is making champions. He is certified, qualified, and experienced.

A few moments in his presence and you will feel his compassion and become aware of wisdom. Spend quality time with him and your life will improve measurably. You will not find a better life coach and mentor. I give Ryan my highest recommendation.

Dr. Larry W. Huggins, D.D - President/The Commonwealth of Christ